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    We use the agile methodology to release new functionality
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What We Do

We create websites and software for mid-size companies and government agencies. We use the agile methodology to deliver new features to stakeholders every three weeks.

We work with customers who are:

  • Enterprises who need a custom-designed, differentiated website.
  • Government IT Contractors who need targeted help during key technical phases of a project.
  • Small to Mid-Size companies who need affordable, enterprise-class web applications.
  • Coding services to design agencies.

Our Clients

Air Mobility Command / Barling Bay - Enterprise Architecture
Netrist was a partner with Barling Bay in providing software engineering and architecture services to Air Mobility Command based at Scott Air Force Base. The team delivered a prototype architecture that would allow developers to quickly launch smaller, simpler, single purpose applications. The prototype application we delivered employed an easy-to-understand visual paradigm for scheduling flight crews. Although the application was simple to use, it enforced the rules around crew scheduling and displayed changes to the schedule in real-time. Netrist helped design and prototype the crew scheduling application and the supporting enterprise services such as logging, in-memory data stores, and a “rules-engine-as-a-service”. One of the enablers of the web services was the use of JackBe's Presto mashup engine for connecting disparate data sources in various source formats into a set of services that could be tailored to the functions of a specific application.
Bentrim & Co. - (in development)
As a provider of financial planning services, Bentrim & Co. has developed proprietary measures of managing risk. Bentrim & Co. can tailor investments decisions to match an individual's retirement goals using the least risky portfolio allocation possible while still taking enough risk to reach the returns the user needs. The vision is to bring these tools online and provide account aggregation and financial planning services personalized in real-time. Behind the scenes, proprietary algorithms are combined with an optimization engine (currently Frontline's Solver) to create a target portfolio that matches the individual's personal goals. The site will provide account aggregation services which pull investment holdings data daily and alert the user if their portfolio moves off-track and puts their goals at risk. The site will be hosted in a secure facility with all of the appropriate data and network security measures needed to house personal financial data. For scalability, nightly processes will pull and analyze holdings data, then store data in a document database for speed and scalability.
Avery Design / Terra Technology -
Netrist is the technology partner for the design agency that runs Terra Technology's website. Terra creates demand forecasting software which allows Fortune 500 companies to optimize their supply chain. Netrist developed a website that allows different levels of access for customers with different roles. The content managers can target specific companies or groups with reports, videos, and other content. The site offers online video playback, excellent visual effects, and even a robust carbon footprint calculator Terra's customers use to estimate the positive impact of Terra's product on their manufacturing operations. Currently in development are integrations with the back-office help desk and customer-centric reporting system. The site will reach out to several back-office systems to provide trouble ticket tracking and product performance reporting.
RIT Software -
RIT provides imaging software to clinics and hospitals to help doctors read MRI and other images. They recently needed a way to coordinate their list of licensees with the website. Netrist created an account section that validates the user's license and provides a link to download the most recent version of the software. The website accesses data stored in Amazon’s SimpleDB web service which is automatically updated by the back-office license manager. If the user account is valid, they are authenticated to Amazon’s S3 service for software downloads.
Florida Judicial Collection Services -
This company works with the county registrar in Bay County, Florida to collect fines on unpaid traffic tickets. The website helps users look-up fines for tickets in an online database and presents a bill to the user. Credit cards are accepted and processed securely online through, one of the leading online payment processors. includes tools for fraud detection and reports daily on which payments have cleared.
Charleston Financial Advisors -
This firm provides financial advice and manages money on clients' behalf. After re-designing and re-launching the website, Netrist worked with the advisors at Charleston Financial on a content strategy including blog entries twice per month, keyword and search engine optimization, and traffic monitoring through Google Analytics. Today, 75 - 85% of new clients report learning about the firm online. After launching Charleston Financial's site, Netrist worked with an independent advisor in Houston on the same strategy. In addition, we included a twitter feed to the site and the advisor regularly tweeted concerning financial topics. His business grew, but he also became recognized nationally as an expert in a particular type of financial advice -- so much so that USAA acquired his planning practice so that he would become their expert!

About Netrist Solutions

Netrist builds websites and enterprise-class web applications.

Kevin Wood, Managing Director

Netrist is led by Kevin Wood, an executive with 20 years online experience, a deep project management background, and system architecture and integration expertise.


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